I visited the Oregon coast in late July accompanied by two models for a "Fantasy" shoot.  Both models were dressed in medieval attire.  With a story in mind, my goal was to shoot the scenes and later process the images to complete my vision.  I shot the models during sunset hours for the warm rim lighting, and used a strobe fitted with a small grid for more contrast creating a cinematic effect.  Using a large strobe would have been problematic due to the windy conditions.  For the "dragon" image, I asked the models to look above the Oregon seastack where I planned to place the dragon.  The dragon was created using a toy model dragon, a lizard photographed in my front yard, a bat wing from stock photos, and my cat's eye.  The landscape scene is a combination of the original image and images from my Iceland trip last March.


Party Shoot

I hosted a 'Downton Abbey Midsummer Tea Party' last week with my fabulous group of friends, aka 'The Dead Pinochle Society.'  I took a page from great photographer, Mark Seliger, and photographed each dressed-to-the-nines 'Downton' lady in my studio before the feasting and games began.  Mark Seliger is famous for photographing the movie stars at the Academy Awards using a different studio set-up each year.  After the party ended, and at the insistence of my friends, I photographed myself using the same lighting set-up I used on them.  I pre-focused where I would be standing (using a DOF of 2.8) and used a cable release/timer giving myself 15 seconds to get in position.  At the end of the day, I was exhausted...but all was well worth it!

Self Portrait



I traveled to the fabulous country of Iceland in March 2017 with Jim Zuckerman and Scarpi Thrainsson of Arctic Exposures.  It was a 10-day excursion with reasonable weather surprisingly.  Every stop was beautiful and unique.  My favorites were "Ice Beach" and the East Fjords.  I loved it so much, I'm joining Skarpi again in February 2018.