Venice Carnival

I traveled to Venice, Italy in February to attend the Venice Carnival. There were models galore dressed in extravagant costumes only eager to be photographed and expecting nothing in return other than an image. I photographed many around St. Mark Square, on the small island of Burano, and inside exquisite rooms resembling old paintings. Below are a few of my favorites.

Quietude IICV.jpg
Ladies In Red CV.jpg
The Dance CV.jpg
Golden Venice.jpg


I had an idea for a series portraying a vintage Carnivale performer together with his four-legged partners.  In the series, I wanted to shine a light on the symbiotic relationship between man and his best friend.  My model for the series was Bearin...a fabulous young man who had an instant connection with my dogs, Josey Wales and Gilé.  Many of my favorite images were the natural interactions between Josey, Gilé and Bearin.  I dressed Bearin in 1930's-style attire with antique juggling pins.  Josey Wales wore a vintage pink 1920's pierrot used in a 'Carnivale' years ago, and Gilé was dressed in an Edwardian collar.  The hats were made by Crystal of Heirloom Design House on Etsy.  The three images below were all published on

Bearin Carnivale I.jpg
Carnivale IV.jpg
Carnvile VIII.jpg


Ireland 2.jpg

The Portrait Workshop in April was amazing!  I had the opportunity to share my knowledge of lighting and post-processing in my very own home studio.  We had 3 models; Jordan from IMD Modeling, and sisters Ireland and Keelin.  Suzanne and Kristina from Living Life In Color did hair and makeup on Jordan; and Amber did hair and makeup on both Ireland and Keelin.  We had three wardrobe changes for each model.  The place was abuzz with models, wardrobe stylists, makeup artists and hair stylists.  It felt like an America's Next Top Model fashion shoot!  The following day, we focused on processing images from the day before, and I was pleased with what my participants came away with.  A lot of hard work went into organizing this workshop, but it was well worth it...and I plan on doing it again!

Jordan 4.jpg
Keelin 1.jpg
Jordan 3.jpg
Jordan 2cr.jpg
Ireland 1.jpg
Keelin 2.jpg

A Viking's Paradise

On April 6th, the first Friday Art Walk at the Photographers' Gallery Ashland Art Center, I will be displaying images from my series entitled "A Viking's Paradise."  The collection includes black and white, and color images taken in the beautiful country of Iceland.  My first impression of Iceland was one of awe.  The undisturbed environment and unique natural wonders are a landscape photographer's paradise to behold.  I've traveled to Iceland twice within a year, and plan to return to explore more of its exceptional beauty.  As depicted in the History channel's series, "Vikings," the character Floki discovers Iceland and refers to it as "The Land of the Gods."  I would have to agree.

Ice Beach

Ice Beach



East Fjords

East Fjords

Icelandic Horse

Icelandic Horse

In My Backyard

Currently displayed at the Ashland Art Center are my black and white images of Southern Oregon's native trees, specifically White Oaks and Madrones, taken no further than a quarter mile from my home.  Foggy and icy conditions in the fall and winter are perfect for black and white images.  Not only does the fog provide separation between the subject and landscape, but also enhances the atmospheric mood.  The frost and ice outline nature's exquisite details, e.g., grass, leaves and tree bark.  The combination of fog, frost and soft light are conditions I seek out routinely.

Pine Ridge 1.jpg
Madrones & Fog.jpg
My Backyard 3.jpg


I had the pleasure of speaking at the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs Convention 2017 in Ashland, Oregon.  My presentations were on portrait and travel/landscape photography.  It was fabulous reconnecting with my fellow photographers and sharing what I've learned these past few years.  Thanks to all the members that worked tirelessly in putting it all together.  I had some technical difficulties with my projector in my Travel/Landscape Photography presentation, and had to make a quick switch to the facility's projector.  As a result, my images shown on the projector screen were not accurately displayed in color and tone.  Therefore, I've decided to post the videos from my presentations on my blog.


I visited the Oregon coast in late July accompanied by two models for a "Fantasy" shoot.  Both models were dressed in medieval attire.  With a story in mind, my goal was to shoot the scenes and later process the images to complete my vision.  I shot the models during sunset hours for the warm rim lighting, and used a strobe fitted with a small grid for more contrast creating a cinematic effect.  Using a large strobe would have been problematic due to the windy conditions.  For the "dragon" image, I asked the models to look above the Oregon seastack where I planned to place the dragon.  The dragon was created using a toy model dragon, a lizard photographed in my front yard, a bat wing from stock photos, and my cat's eye.  The landscape scene is a combination of the original image and images from my Iceland trip last March.


Party Shoot

I hosted a 'Downton Abbey Midsummer Tea Party' last week with my fabulous group of friends, aka 'The Dead Pinochle Society.'  I took a page from great photographer, Mark Seliger, and photographed each dressed-to-the-nines 'Downton' lady in my studio before the feasting and games began.  Mark Seliger is famous for photographing the movie stars at the Academy Awards using a different studio set-up each year.  After the party ended, and at the insistence of my friends, I photographed myself using the same lighting set-up I used on them.  I pre-focused where I would be standing (using a DOF of 2.8) and used a cable release/timer giving myself 15 seconds to get in position.  At the end of the day, I was exhausted...but all was well worth it!

Self Portrait



I traveled to the fabulous country of Iceland in March 2017 with Jim Zuckerman and Scarpi Thrainsson of Arctic Exposures.  It was a 10-day excursion with reasonable weather surprisingly.  Every stop was beautiful and unique.  My favorites were "Ice Beach" and the East Fjords.  I loved it so much, I'm joining Skarpi again in February 2018.