I had an idea for a series portraying a vintage Carnivale performer together with his four-legged partners.  In the series, I wanted to shine a light on the symbiotic relationship between man and his best friend.  My model for the series was Bearin...a fabulous young man who had an instant connection with my dogs, Josey Wales and Gilé.  Many of my favorite images were the natural interactions between Josey, Gilé and Bearin.  I dressed Bearin in 1930's-style attire with antique juggling pins.  Josey Wales wore a vintage pink 1920's pierrot used in a 'Carnivale' years ago, and Gilé was dressed in an Edwardian collar.  The hats were made by Crystal of Heirloom Design House on Etsy.  The three images below were all published on

Bearin Carnivale I.jpg
Carnivale IV.jpg
Carnvile VIII.jpg