Party Shoot

I hosted a 'Downton Abbey Midsummer Tea Party' last week with my fabulous group of friends, aka 'The Dead Pinochle Society.'  I took a page from great photographer, Mark Seliger, and photographed each dressed-to-the-nines 'Downton' lady in my studio before the feasting and games began.  Mark Seliger is famous for photographing the movie stars at the Academy Awards using a different studio set-up each year.  After the party ended, and at the insistence of my friends, I photographed myself using the same lighting set-up I used on them.  I pre-focused where I would be standing (using a DOF of 2.8) and used a cable release/timer giving myself 15 seconds to get in position.  At the end of the day, I was exhausted...but all was well worth it!

Self Portrait